What Is Tire Retreading - The Pros and Cons

What Is Tire Retreading, Tire Retreading Pros ?

What Is Tire Retreading

Tire retreading is the process of replacing treads on a used tire. You can do this by two different processes known as pre-cure and mold cure. In this process, we first evaluate whether a tire is in a usable condition or not. Tires that lack treads and cords are unusable. So, experts have to locate embedded fragments and identify hard-to-spot damaged areas. To understand whether you can use tire retread or not, you have to understand its benefits along with its alleged disadvantages.

Tire Retreading Cons

While it’s true that tire retreading may have some cons, most of the views held against it are undeserved and outdated. For instance, many people think that retreads cause littering on highways when, in fact, new tires are responsible produce the majority of this debris.

Some drivers instinctively assume that retreaded tires perform poorly and are less stable at high speeds. While this might have been true in the early days of tire retreading, retreading today is durable, and these tires can last much more than what people expect. However, drivers need to pay attention to keeping the inflation right and make sure that it doesn’t wear down.

Even if you have concerns regarding the safety of tire retreading, you can assure yourself by choosing the services of a reputable tire retreading company.

Tire Retreading Pros

One of the biggest reasons people prefer tire retreading is that it can significantly reduce the cost per mile. A tire retread costs only a fraction of how much a new tire costs. Moreover, it allows you the option to get most of a tire and get your investment worth.

A reputable company can extend the life of your tire to as much as 600,000 miles. Overall, choosing tire retreading can reduce the overall cost of everything from as much as one-half to up to two-thirds. Moreover, tire retreading allows you to keep polluting tire remains from ending up in landfills.

For someone managing a fleet, tires can be the second-largest expense after fuel. This is why opting for tire retreading is optimal in the long run.

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