5 tips to extend the life of your Rubber Tracks

It’s important to keep your machine running, whether it be an excavator, skid steer loader, multi terrain loader or a compact track loader. No matter what machine your running, whether it’s CAT, Komatsu, Hyundai or a Bobcat, conserving the life of your tracks is as important as putting oil in your car.

Check the tension of your tracks

This might seem obvious, but you don’t want the tension of your tracks too tight or too lose.

Tracks that are loose on the under carriage will cause the lugs to jump over the sprocket rollers and jump off. This will accelerate the wear of your rubber track and can cause damage to your machine, just like losing a tire would cause damage to your car.

The tension of your tracks should be checked daily as part of the machine start-up checklist. Lift the track frame off the ground and check the sag between the bottom track roller and top of the track lug.

Make sure you pay close attention to the recommended range of tension that is specified by the manufacturer for your machine. Tire Solutions agents can help you find the proper XRTS parts for your machine.