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At Tire Solutions, we offer high-quality fleet services and commercial tire products for customers in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Burlington, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas. Our top priority at Tire Solutions retread is listening to our customers to understand their unique needs in order to provide services and products they can count on. We are committed to keeping your fleet up and running at maximum efficiency by offering the following services:

Green Solutions because retreading is recycling

Consider retread tires for a green solution to your commercial tire needs. At Tire Solutions, we offer top-of-the-line retread products to our commercial fleet customers in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Cary, Hillsborough, and beyond.

With state-of-the-art retreading processes and materials, we provide high-quality retreads designed to meet the needs of all our customers’ commercial equipment, no matter the application.

Commercial Tire Retreads in the NC Triangle From Goodyear & Bandag and more

To accommodate the widest variety of commercial fleet customers, we focus our retreading with Goodyear and Bandag.

Goodyear Company Retreads

Goodyear offers a range of pre-cure and mold cure tread rubber designed to meet the requirements of both retreaders and commercial end users. The company’s product line includes rubber compounds and tread patterns produced for a range of commercial tire applications.

Bandag Retreads

Bandag offers application-specific retreads. With Bandag, you’ll achieve new-tire performance at a much lower cost. With tread patterns specialized according to terrain, as well as state-of-the-art compounds that resist wear, you’ll enjoy more mileage than ever before.

The Retread Process

How does the retread process work? Retreading typically starts with an inspection of the casings for any damage such as cuts, punctures, air pockets and more. Once casings have been thoroughly inspected, we’ll remove the old tread damaged materials, and make any final repairs. Then new tread rubber is bonded to the casing, and a final inspection is done.

The rubber tracks that we carry in stock supply the following equipment

ASV - Bobcat - Case - Caterpillar - Daewoo - Ditch Witch - Gehl - Hitachi - IHI - JCB

John Deere - Kobelco - Komatsu - Kubota - Mustang - New Holland - Takeuchi - Yanmar



As with most things, the exterior of your rubber track will begin to crack over time. Cracks can occur quickly when working on tough terrain, you scrape against walls and curbs when your machine is being operated in a high intensity work area. It is also important to park your machine away from direct sunlight whenever possible to prevent further wear from the heat. XRTS Rubber Tracks are have a reinforced designed with a heavy duty steel cord and metal core.Learn more about XRTS.

Like any steel and rubber products –a track stretches over time. You should be checking the tension of your tracks daily, or at least every few days.

You will notice the lack of tension on your tracks by lifting the track frame off the ground and checking the sag between the bottom track roller and the top of the track lug.

If the tension keeps slacking, allowing the track to jump off the under carriage, then do not over compensate by tightening it past the manufacturers recommendations. This just creates a whole different problem. Take your machine to a local rubber track dealer Tire Solutions in order to get the most out of your rubber tracks and machine life. Loss of tension will occur over time and we can blame that on the sun’s heat, the idler extending too far and the track tensioner (little grease or hydraulic ram that pushes the idler out to create tension) which can have a tiny leak that causes it to lose tension.




If the track is loose or the sprocket is worn, they will skip easily. They can also derail from either of these for the same reason. For more details on rubber track sprocket or sprocket replacement contact us our local service department.  At Tire solutions our we only offer the best in quality and durability when it comes to rubber tracks for our customers. 

Lugs can come out if the track is damaged by large debris getting caught up in the undercarriage or badly worn sprockets constantly slipping against them. Many reasons can cause damage to the rubber track to find out how you can check for damage contact the local rubber track dealer. Tire Solutions is the best at customer service and provides the exclusive line of XRTS Rubber Tracks that comes with the best in industry warranty.

Our customers have come to expect quality customer service throughout every step of our sales process. From quoting and shipping, to customer support, we will be there for you every step of the way. The quality of our XRTS Rubber track products will speak for itself making that the easy part.

Advanced rubber compounds and synthetic blends ensure appropriate rubber durability and abrasion resistance in the mold.


Internally, continuous steel cords with annular design prevent the transmission of stress. This important feature of  ‘continuous cording process’ helps to guarantee uniform strength throughout the track and prevents separation, a common cause of premature track failure.

Benefits including:

  • Lower ground pressure & minimizes ground and soil damage

  • Eliminates pavement & finished surface damage

  • Quieter than steel tracks

  • Reduced machine vibration

  • Improved traction in difficult working conditions

  • Reduced weight and improved machine efficiency

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