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Shop maintenance is step in step with the productivity of your shop as well as the safety and longevity of all your equipment. It also contributes greatly to shop safety and the prevention of accidents. A safe work space matters a great deal and so does saving money on costly repairs. But when something does need repairing, get it done right by contacting us, with the right tools at Tire Solutions North Carolina!


If you run a large warehouse or operation that relies heavily on the use of forklift machinery, it can make a big difference for you to have some specialized maintenance and repair shop with tools on site to keep everything moving along smoothly. One key shop is Tire Solutions.


Your forklift is the heart of many of your operations, and the forklift tires bear the brunt of every action performed. It is certain that they will require replacing and repairing at some point, and probably at a time when it is not convenient for you! So make sure you always check your forklift tires before, during and after each shift. We also provide pick up service for your forklift and other solid tire needs.

At TIRE SOLUTIONS, we offer high-quality fleet services and commercial tire products for customers in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Burlington, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas.



Tire Restread Solution

TIRE Retread solution

At Tire Solutions, we offer high-quality fleet services and commercial tire products for customers in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Burlington, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Rocky Mount and the surrounding areas. Our top priority at Tire Solutions retread is listening to our customers to understand their unique needs in order to provide services and products they can count on. We are committed to keeping your fleet up and running at maximum efficiency by offering the following services:

Green Solutions because retreading is recycling

Consider retread tires for a green solution to your commercial tire needs. At Tire Solutions, we offer top-of-the-line retread products to our commercial fleet customers in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Cary, Hillsborough, and beyond.

With state-of-the-art retreading processes and materials, we provide high-quality retreads designed to meet the needs of all our customers’ commercial equipment, no matter the application.

Commercial Tire Retreads in the NC Triangle From Goodyear & Bandag and more

To accommodate the widest variety of commercial fleet customers, we focus our retreading with Goodyear and Bandag.

Goodyear Company Retreads

Goodyear offers a range of pre-cure and mold cure tread rubber designed to meet the requirements of both retreaders and commercial end users. The company’s product line includes rubber compounds and tread patterns produced for a range of commercial tire applications.

Bandag Retreads

Bandag offers application-specific retreads. With Bandag, you’ll achieve new-tire performance at a much lower cost. With tread patterns specialized according to terrain, as well as state-of-the-art compounds that resist wear, you’ll enjoy more mileage than ever before.

The Retread Process

How does the retread process work? Retreading typically starts with an inspection of the casings for any damage such as cuts, punctures, air pockets and more. Once casings have been thoroughly inspected, we’ll remove the old tread damaged materials, and make any final repairs. Then new tread rubber is bonded to the casing, and a final inspection is done.


Solid Rubber Tires


Tire Solutions Solid skid steer tires on your machine can make all the difference in your performance. By providing a smooth ride for you and the machine. With many high-performance solid skid steer tires available through Tire solutions, it is time for an upgrade. Depending upon your workload.Our solid tires are tested in tough environments, our expanded wheel flat proof tires are a solid choice. Contact us for more details.


Harsh environment tests have proven that Tire solutions flat proof solid tires offer the lowest cost per hour of operation compared to all other leading solid tire brands. Our tough, heavy-duty expanded wheel products are designed to meet your expectations of performance in harsh industrial applications, such as foundries, recycling plants, waste transfer, mining, and scrap yards. And you’ll benefit well beyond reducing downtime due to flats. By increasing the outer dimension of the OEM rim, we can reduce the amount of rubber, therefore, the cost of the tire. Plus, less rubber means less weight, which results in savings on fuel and reduced strain on equipment. Our solid tires also outlast pneumatic tires because the rubber tread is much deeper.


Choose the tread pattern to maximize performance and comfort. A wide variety of tread patterns (upper hand column) allows operators, dealers and OEMs to match the right flat proof tires for the job, every time. If you need assistance with selecting the right tread pattern and sizes for solid forklift tires, tractor loader backhoe tires or skid steer loader tires, etc., call Tire solutions for exceptional knowledge and service. We provide custom solid tires for virtually any equipment. At your request, we will customize a solution to meet your application. We also offer aperture hole tires and extra-deep or full-depth solids for improved rider comfort and  shock absorption.



At TIRE SOLUTIONS, we are proud to offer a foam-fill exchange program

to limit downtime for our valued commercial tire customers.  

This exchange program is available in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, Hillsborough, North Carolina, and beyond. Historically, when refilling foam-fill tires, customers would need to put their machine on blocks while the old tires were replaced and foam-filled. The curing process for foam-filled tires can take up to 48 hours, meaning two days of downtime for your machine. With our foam-fill tire exchange program, our customers will enjoy the ability to purchase high-quality foam-filled tires, with only minimal downtime.

Eliminate Flat Tires With Foam-Filled Tires for Your Commercial Fleet

Flat tires aren’t just frustrating — they’re also dangerous.

Foam fill tires are completely flat-proof, and offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Preventing tip-overs from sudden flats 

  • Providing better balance for steep hillsides or overload conditions

  • Delivering a longer tread life than the same tires filled with air

  • Eliminating profit loss due to downtime from flats Lowering cost of tire repair

Call to Set Up Your Foam-Fill Tire Exchange in the NC Triangle

Contact Tire Solutions today to learn more, determine eligibility or set up a time for your foam-fill exchange. We seek to give all our Raleigh-Durham commercial fleet customers the highest quality products and the best customer service possible by providing rapid responses to ensure minimal downtime. Tire Solutions offers foam-fill tire exchange services throughout the NC Triangle, in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Burlington, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and surrounding areas. Call us today to get started!


Mechanical Services

We provide all repair services including: 
Brake Replacement & Suspension Repair
Tire Solutions specializes in truck mechanical services to keep your truck or fleet operating at an optimized level to keep your truck and business running smoothly and help you reduce the total cost of truck ownership.
Full Service and Fully Equipped

Our maintenance technicians are professionally trained, certified, and experienced. Our services include the use of our FULLY EQUIPPED MOBILE MECHANIC vehicles, capable of handling service calls in the North Carolina state area.

Our mechanical services include, but not limited to: Alignments, Suspension, Brakes, Oil Changes, Lube Service, DPF cleaning, Repair and Diagnostics on all cars ,trucks, tractor trailers and construction equipment.

Trust our expert technicians to take care of your diesel vehicle. We perform a variety of diesel services, including: performance tuning, upgrades, and diesel emissions work. Using OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and aftermarket accessories, such as gauges, lift kits, turbo upgrades, cold air boxes, and chips, our experts get the most out of your diesel vehicle.



The rubber tracks that we carry in stock supply the following equipment

ASV - Bobcat - Case - Caterpillar - Daewoo - Ditch Witch - Gehl - Hitachi - IHI - JCB

John Deere - Kobelco - Komatsu - Kubota - Mustang - New Holland - Takeuchi - Yanmar

THE NEW PERFORMANCE FOR RUBBER TRACK. Specially developed for those in search of a unique heavy equipment experience. The XRTS RUBBER TRACK brand combines enhanced handling performance and astonishing agility with distinctive construction and superlative comfort  when on the job– an unforgettable construction experience.

Contact us 919.602.0000 | 402 Muldee St, Durham, NC 27703
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